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The Final Bow

The Last Bow
Floor, please?

Going up.

Hello God

Its the Artist

Formerly Prince.

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We make internet friends by following each other. WordPress has been a great gift of your blogs.  Some of you comment on things I have written, and I have also. There is much to learn and share.  And through it all, I feel enriched, inspired, and supported.

Today, in my email I was reminded of this sentimentality. I have been following Ali Manning, a bookbinder. Each of her  newsletters teach a technique. In addition, she welcomes photos of work by others. These she shares with her many followers.  I felt very comfortable last year sending a photo of a mini copper covered book. She writes in such a way that you feel she might be interested.

That first little book was in her newsletter even though I do not (have not) followed her instructions. Now today, in  her email she shares the mini crushed velvet book I made for a Christmas gift! She devoted a full paragraph explaining  how and why it was made.

I hope you will check out her blog vintagepagedesigns.com. In the menu is a link to Readers Books. The February 20, 2016 posting will take you there. And if you want to know many ways to bind books, follow her.

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I used to answer telephone calls directed for my husband. The caller would settle for my opinion should he be away. Sometimes a parent of a prospective student called. I could reassure and offer to schedule my home and tour, or explain why hot water was in the toilet in the dorms. If you have followed this blog, you may have read about some creative ideas I come up with.

Late one night, the caller identified herself as a White House scheduler for President Nixon. I was friends with her parents and other family members. But this was a business call for my husband. Not finding him, she asked for my opinion.

Nixon was looking for an African-American (assumed to be male) who had two Ph.ds. One degree in Biophysics and the other in  Psychology.  My initial reaction was what? Yes, in the ’70s more advanced degrees were being earned by African-Americans, both male and female. But it would narrow the field. It seemed a curious combination, but what did I know?

After sharing my confusion, I assured her it would be better to contact John in his office. i also said, in my opinion, this would be a difficulr search. 

I did understand the value Nixon hoped to get. He wanted to understand how his pronouncements would be processed. His headlines on the front pages of newspapers (google ‘newspapers’), in the strongest way, told readers  what he would do.  Then, near the obituaries, a much smaller article would describe how Nixon would take the opposite position.

This allowed President Nixon to do either of these things. If your were for the first action, you were satisfied. Also the opposite action. This left it so  one or neither action could be taken wiithout too much dissent.

This was my opinion and now it helps me understand current politicians and their inconsistent promises. One way to keep the masses happy. 

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Editor’s Note: This article mentions rape, sex, degradation of women, racism and slavery. In this room, it is possible to differentiate between slaves and their masters by the size of their lips. The silhouette of a mother stands over her children writhing on the ground, umbilical cords still attached. A visitor wanting to leave unchanged […]


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Two Links

FIVE ARTISTS : National Archives and Records Administration : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archivehttps://archive.org/details/gov.archives.arc.50813#



For High a School Juniors and Seniors

Possible resources

School art teachers

School college counsellors

Other college students, professional artists

Online college websites, courses in catalog

Visit schools for best match

 …  All art
… Liberal arts with good art department

 …   Support system for students

   …. Style of work product of students, faculty
Colleges that will acceptstate financial aid from lottery. Usually 2 year colleges that feed into. 4 year school.
Look at Watkins, Chicago Art Institute, Memphis, schools in your area in of interest and pick a challenge as one choice. You may not be accepted, but you could be! Just completing the application will be a learning experience. 
Build up some work experience, cooking (chef) is the latest art form!

Do some volunteering or in-service-training. Try a frame shop or gallery where you will see some of the business of art. 
If you want art to be major in your life, look, read, explore,record …

Enjoy! The beauty of being an artist is you can learn and achieve at your own pace. You cannot be compared to anyone else but you can learn from others. Ask for help when you need it. Date your work or just keep a record. Stop when you have done your best and start something new. Next time you look at it, it could be the best. Who knows?

Check out my paintings


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Dr. Walter Leonard

See the news about Dr. Leonard’s death at Harvard Law. A wonderful, accomplished friend will be missed.

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Waiting in my inbox late Thanksgiving, Ancestry had found my George Washington H.S. senior  photo!  I am certain I never owned any paraphanlia like class ring or yearbook. You will find me Number one (but it is page 84). Look down a few rows and you will see a “look-alike. She was a class ahead of me but we were often mistaken for each other. Our graduation portraits looked more like the other.

Earlier in the evening, I had been asked several times if I have finished the book. Friends do not want to read bits and pieces on this blog as I am living ‘the Book’ . It could be called Many Lives of… Was this little green leaf, ancestry’s way of telling you they have found something,  trying to tell me to get on with my ‘work’?

George Washington was my second high school. I went to NYC for the summer and the adults forgot about school or sending me back. The last day of enrollment I was registered even though I had no papers and it was not in my district. The little lies are using a wrong address and being clueless about the system. Rejecting anything which might have bee learned in Chicago, my class load started out: English,Latin,Algebra and Clothing.  I could have taken cooking. My home room was made up of students who were between grade level. The hope was that we would catch up. Standing room only.

At that time, you were given a brochure telling how wonderful it was. Graduates were prepared to enter West Point and super fine colleges. It said its mission was for graduates to succeed.my uncle was not impressed with Clothing. His niece would go to college and,as he impressed on a cowering principal, they better get me there. They redid my classes but left me Latin 2. I entered the room late and had to share a seat with above mentioned girl. The class spoke only in tongues to my ear and the book was gibberish. Before I could work with a willing tutor, I was back at the beginning. Very difficult to relearn a language.

I did well, made friends, joined some clubs and delivered the NY Times. To get to school from the foot of Sugar Hill required over 100 steps through the park, straight up, walk straight up to Amsterdam, take the old IRT. All the while carrying huge books. Book bags were unknown.

You Arista under my name. That is the National Honor Society. My Ecomics and Civic teacher told me to apply my junior year. The committee was already meeting so it was a hurried job to get recommendations from my teachers and advisors. We were crushed when I was denied. There were no blacks being considered and the school’s record was not good. We decided to plan better and apply again. That meant more activities and keeping high grades. My recommendations were stronger.

When decisions were made, it was secret. You were just asked to attend. No decision was made on me until the last minute. I barely had time to get home and put on something presentable and back. But I made it. It may have been a first.

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