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Nassau Thanksgiving 1979


Wrote a long letter about the trip and leaving the kids with new friends. The beach cut short by a downpour. We ran for cover. It was a quiet time to paint two large watercolors on Crescent board. This winter we will use them to prove we were here.


We went to Le Cabaret and found a long line. Many of the group played the slots while waiting for the doors to open.

We were seated randomly by the Maitre d’.Front row table at the stage. Randomly worked in such a way that all of those seated were the only Blacks in the room other than the employees.  One couple was a retired security officer at the casino and his wife. He explained that the Bahamians who worked in the casinos were not permitted to spend their money there.

Also wages were so low that few could come there anyway. The other couples were African-Americans on vacation. It was a long but interesting show.

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Today is the 50th year since the first March on Washington. It had an enormous impact on the country and the world. How could one Black minister stand before a crowd of 250,000, and in a few words move a government and shame a people into positive action?  It was before the internet and social media, before cell phones and cable tv, and before mega-churches. It was an age of proclaimed innocence. (more…)

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The Journal is replaced by wordpress and the internet.

The Journal is replaced by wordpress and the internet.

Yesterday's message is  good today and forever. Share.

Yesterday’s message is good today and forever. Share.

The little girl says, "We want more, more. Her voice rings in our ears.

The little girl says, “We want more, more.” Her voice rings in our ears.

We have had snow, rain, cold, warm, wind, beautiful skies and fog. Even a few tornado warnings. But that does not need to dampen our spirits.

In the meanwhile, teaching a grand child-artist, soon to be 10, my enjoyment of the app for iPad called Paper by 53. Here are some of my efforts. The media is so varied now, the standards for “ART” changing and merging with writing, found objects, absence…!  How can you go wrong?

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English: The Belle Meade Plantation - a histor...

English: The Belle Meade Plantation – a historic plantation mansion, garden, and grounds – in Belle Meade, Davidson County, Tennessee :I took this photo myself on August 8, 2004 at Belle Meade Planation in Belle Meade, TN, United States. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Animals in the City

It may have been the heat or lack of water, but there was a very small deer in the enclosure we pass on the way home. A very white cattle fence covers about a mile by one quarter. It used to be a larger area until a gated community of mansions took up most of it.

Who knew?

The little deer blended so well into the late afternoon and the green bushes that we were not sure if it was a goat or a dog. It would have been nice to take its picture but we had no camera.

A helping hand

We parked at home and were asked to hush and enter the house very quietly. My son is one of those people that wild animals visit. Recently he saw three white tailed deer walking along the creek which borders our postage stamp yard. We saw what he had found a tiny baby rabbit. It had been lying by the backdoor with heat illness. My son made a comfortable bed in a wash tub, fed it some water and a grape. (The rabbit sucked on it and fell asleep.)

He was admonished to be a good samaritan but to call someone the next day for guidance. Instead, as the baby stirred, he put him on the grass. A pair of tall ears approached and took her baby ‘home’.

Today Mama and Papa did a quick parade through the yard. Were they grateful for his help? Did they leave the baby at the door hoping for help? They did not say.

Belle Meade Mansion (Nashville, TN)

History or myth tells the story of the Belle Meade Mansion, and the the Hardings who owned the cattle-fenced property. The two families were related by marriage. One was quite wealthy and the Belle Meade Mansion folks were very poor. In fact they were so poor that  they lived in the same kind of housing as their slaves. These properties are on either side of a major street.

We can learn about the owner of the enclosure because the street separating the properties is named Harding. (And it intersects with Harding also.)

We probably would not have learned about the poorer family except that they got into horse racing and breeding in the early 1800s. To say their financial circumstances changed is to miss their story. Visitors can see all of the ribbons and memorabilia they won. During the Civil War, the slaves are said to have buried the silver after the family fled. No one has ever found it. Archaeological digs have turned up nothing. One of the slaves was allowed to live out his life there because he had been the one to work with the horses. The breeding line included Secretariat. Read more about the Belle Meade Mansion and horse breeding on Wikipedia.

Slaves at work on a One Hundred Dollar Confede...

Slaves at work on a One Hundred Dollar Confederate States of America banknote. Issued during the American Civil War (1861–1865). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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English: The logo of the blogging software Wor...

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It is like when you realize your electronics are trying to tell you something.
NO, an iPad 3 is not on the list. Repair or reset before pulling out the credit card.
Looking for a reason for dear WordPress causing my frustration, I discovered a crash history! It starts off with .plist crash, painterly crash and ends with PANIC crash. Something or someone has a headache. Get the aspirin.

Who knew?
Still, the computer is working last checked. It is Sunday. The sun is shining.

84 degrees predicted for this afternoon.
Gone fishing.

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Camp Randall Stadium.

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The course of history is determined by the little things. Maybe even the alignment of the stars.

Its my story and I am sticking to it for my journal. The car I bought (I could not drive) was not working. My friend would not go alone to see her boyfriend. The snow was piled at the curb four feet high. Some said it would be the worst winter in years. (more…)

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Weather report
Sun streaming in my house
“It will be a good day”
Temperature in the 70s
Sounds good to me.

In the car
Dark cloud hovering
just ahead.

where are you?
What do you see?
It looks like rain
to me.

The BIG number
NASA reports only 26 pieces of space junk are expected to hit earth tomorrow afternoon. If it misses North America, as now reported, should we be concerned? The impact still will be a worry to people living in other places.

Who knew?
The latest printers will give the news on your computer. You can print out daily suduko puzzles and horoscopes. There are coloring and scrapbook pages to print. Young children may be able to push the button and entertain themselves while eating breakfast. It will be interesting to see what is next? Perhaps pancakes and syrup while the parents sleep-in. (more…)

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