Organizing Thoughts

Justice Scalia

I explained to my grandson that I have been organizing my thoughts to  answer Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. He burst into laughter. Then said, I have never heard you going after the Supreme Court.  I am still writing that post but want it to be understandable to the reader, Mr. Scalia. 

The holidays
Beginning with the rituals and celebrations of each religion, the holidays cover many weeks at the end of the year. Busy times for all. Merchandising includes Hallowe’en and I add Kwanzaa, a full quarter of emotional excitement. Part of me fights the high energy and wallows in depression. It changes my flexible routine. Years ago, it meant clearing the dining room table and putting sewing and paints away, only to unwind it all. 

Now the table can stay the same, no children and new spouses to feed. I stay near the phone and iPad to get the calls and messages from coast to coast. It’s the day after Christmas with little to do but write thank-you’s, checks for the postman, and bills. Not even snow to shovel in 70 degree weather.

I like the calm. I have new toys. Organizers for my studio. Parties to plan. Work to do in the next year. I start the new plans with the 2015 list. Ever hopeful that this time next year, it will all be done. That includes preparing for the holidays earlier.

Note to iPad gremlin

It is OK if I mispell a word, because I plan to edit. There is no need for you to substitute a word that makes no sense in the context of what I am writing. You need a sense of humor and to understand irony.  High early is not comparable in meaning to high energy. Also, it is not necessary to Capitaize a word where there is no period. As in the previous sentence.

Your helpfulness is too much. Soon you will be gone, fini, splat. Your red line under fini lets me know that you need re-education. And I am too busy writing to add that to next year’s list.

P.S. Everything is not what it seems. Under the cover is a candle. Light it to brighten your day.

One of my favorites to follow is The Heritage Trust. Today the link to excavations in York, England is most interesting. I envy the Old World countries and their history. The United States is so young that finds might be less notable. You never know.

There are housing complexes and hospitals built on old dumps and landfills. Some are over sinkholes  and old battlegrounds. With so much construction going on, we are bound to find more Indian burial grounds. What else could be under your home?

See these photos for a world made unknown for so many years. 

Editor’s Note: This article mentions rape, sex, degradation of women, racism and slavery. In this room, it is possible to differentiate between slaves and their masters by the size of their lips. The silhouette of a mother stands over her children writhing on the ground, umbilical cords still attached. A visitor wanting to leave unchanged […]


Two Links

FIVE ARTISTS : National Archives and Records Administration : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archivehttps://archive.org/details/gov.archives.arc.50813#



For High a School Juniors and Seniors

Possible resources

School art teachers

School college counsellors

Other college students, professional artists

Online college websites, courses in catalog

Visit schools for best match

 …  All art
… Liberal arts with good art department

 …   Support system for students

   …. Style of work product of students, faculty
Colleges that will acceptstate financial aid from lottery. Usually 2 year colleges that feed into. 4 year school.
Look at Watkins, Chicago Art Institute, Memphis, schools in your area in of interest and pick a challenge as one choice. You may not be accepted, but you could be! Just completing the application will be a learning experience. 
Build up some work experience, cooking (chef) is the latest art form!

Do some volunteering or in-service-training. Try a frame shop or gallery where you will see some of the business of art. 
If you want art to be major in your life, look, read, explore,record …

Enjoy! The beauty of being an artist is you can learn and achieve at your own pace. You cannot be compared to anyone else but you can learn from others. Ask for help when you need it. Date your work or just keep a record. Stop when you have done your best and start something new. Next time you look at it, it could be the best. Who knows?

Check out my paintings


Dr. Walter Leonard

See the news about Dr. Leonard’s death at Harvard Law. A wonderful, accomplished friend will be missed.

Not So Perky

Miss Perky has given up on her finery after days of gloomy rain.

We will move her from the window nearer electric light. 

Table Talk

What did you talk about around the table on Thanksgiving?
Predictions were that current elections and the possibility of war would be top topics. After the sumptuous meal, for the fortunate ones, the grown-up table talk increases. 
We were among guests who shared personal experiences, opinions, and concerns. A small group of adults who spanned five generations. Our common characteristics: African American. We were all employed. (The most senior are employed at staying well and alive.) We shared our middle class-ness, regardless of the path to arrive there. Each person speaking from their own generation: spokes in a wheel.
I have been trying to find symbols that represent what was most important, and disturbing. Were I a composer, I think I would make music. A better writer, perhaps a pamphlet of opinion, a summary and possible conclusions. I might save characterization for a future novel. 
But I am primarily a visual artist. One who usually thinks content before making art. I want symbols where there were no cymbals at the table. The words radiated out from the heat off the sun and cooled as they were politely spoken. Drawn childlike. At the center, each of us spoke from the core of hurts, large, small, deep. Too painful to admit. Lava-like flowing on the outside of a hardened inner core. Too painful to go deeply.
Perhaps, a ball of twine wrapped around a stone. Sometimes a ribbon of velvet and silk, sometimes the roughened rope.

Perhaps a basket made by gichee mothers or for Moses. Safe passage except for a tiny hole. 
Perhaps, a fire burned down to ashes and then getting new life, reigniting. How do you express the cycles of history? The collective rebellions shut down by guns? The passiveness of fear? Not telling our children the full extent of the law and its historic significance? Jacob Lawrence painted the tables but could not record the talk around it. Karin Walker’s silhouettes are just eye candy without the words behind them. 
Or, the broken chains. We are left with the comfort meal, some understanding of how we are all connected but no workable solution.

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