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Thatched umbrella on white sand

Thatched umbrella on white sand

Nassau 1979 part 2


We start calling the airport for our luggage. It opens at 10 but it is after that time. No one answers when someone answered, there was no news. Oh well, the weather is absolutely beautiful. Perfect to walk to the beach after the dolphin show.. Palm thatched umbrellas for shade. Brilliant white sand.

No swimming suits, so we take a bus that circles the island. Driver announces “We don’t go sightseeing. We provide transportation!” You must say where you are going and he will take you there. Not knowing where to go, he suggested the Cloisters, which is where he is going. We paid the exact fare (50 cents). It was a very short ride to the next hotel, gardens, and Cloister. Terraced gardens toward the Bay. Statues dot each level . On the left side is Franklin Roosevelt, right side, Stanley Livingston). They are enormously tall.

Flowers are in bloom and it is late November. Temperature low 8@s. We thought of not going to the highest level, We continued to followed the pillars. It was similar to J’s replica made with dowels and ivory soap, a school project.
We met a much younger couple, American blacks, They asked us to take their picture by the Cloister. Many weddings are held here. Walking back, we passed an apartment hotel with a kitchen @$30 a day.

At dinner time, I go to the lobby and find our suitcases on a dolly. Dressed up, dined at Villa d.’Este, Italian. Filling. Very filling.Spend time losing money in the slot machines. They can be played 24 hours. He wins $20

We cannot believe our good fortune to be in Nassau, and call it a night. Tomorrow is a big day.

Edited from my journal. (To be continued)

Note: Trip, at the invitation of Board President, Fisk University, to John S. Harwell, who, at a critical time, brought skills in managing University student loans (used as comptroller, Harvard University) to put Fisk in a solvency position.

Who knew?

I did not know it would take me so long to blog again. Thanks for following.

You can  quick sketches to see something new done by your hand.

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Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday to You! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy Birthday Celebration

My gift to each of you and your friends is my way of celebrating this wonderful life of mine.

You can

1. Select from any of my artwork on the website. No limits.


Amsterdam acrylics on canvas









The website:


(also on my Facebook page.)

2. Place your order. The CODE is BSSNNX

You will find a 20% discount (from my part of the sale) on any orders you place from October 20 (the BIG day) through November 10, 2012. I do not handle the math, thankfully, but it will be a savings.

The holidays are coming fast. You can get your name and or a message printed inside cards or select from the prints offered. I see that many of you are familiar with  the high quality and the service my company offers.

3. Not satisfied? They will let you return the artwork in a reasonable time.

Who knew?

Sorry, cannot send each of you a slice of cake. But this is the next best thing.


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First Year BloggingSeptember, 2011 – 2012

English: The logo of the blogging software Wor...

English: The logo of the blogging software WordPress. Deutsch: WordPress Logo 中文: WordPress Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My blogging tutor, the eldest daughter, had no idea the Pandora’s Box she opened. Reviewing the past year, I am so appreciative of her guidance and all of you who write and follow. Who knew there were so many talented and caring people online!
What has this meant to me?

1 – New personal relationships with creative thinkers worldwide. Amazing sharing keeps me coming up with fresh ideas to write about.
2 – Taking time to reflect on expanding subjects. Just reading the posts in my inbox takes my mind in important directions. My reading and research have been expanded.
3 – My contributions beyond posting includes bringing new bloggers to WordPress and artists into other groups I have joined online. I have been able to share my art with all of you.
4 – Learning is, I believe, a lifelong task. This journey has sometimes made me feel like there is too much to take in. Writing is a way to organize my thoughts. The posts are small teachable moments to share. There is still so much to learn to improve the blog.
5 – The challenge is to continue to stay involved in this growing community even when personal issues press. My followers have been caring and concerned as if we meet regularly. What a club we have joined!

Many Thanks and Welcome to Year Two.

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Were you ready to be a father? Was there one moment of awareness?

****John Sidney Harwell  25 May 1930 – 22 July 2010****

We were ready for our overdue first child to be  born. A wiser friend said that the baby ‘would come …’when the moon was full.

“What old moon?” he asked, looking at the sky and a full moon.

That day I had asked if he would go to the store and bring the basket home. The store would not deliver it ‘because it is fragile.’  I did not drive.

“Are you sure you want such a large basket? Where will we put it?”

OK, I thought. And where would we put the baby when we tried to catch up with his army buddies? They had left one night with instructions: (more…)

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"Kreative Bkogger"

Le Artiste Boots

On Memorial Day my email included a nomination for the Kreativ Blogger Award from my blogger friend, Pete Denton. We started with WordPress about the same time last year. His success has been monumental. Therefore, it is with humility that I accept this honor.

The RULES for this award are as follows:

1. Thank the person nominating your for the award: Check

2. List ten things about yourself.

3. Nominate SIX blogs you think deserve the Kreativ Blogger Award.


About myself, What can I tell you?

– I nearly failed geometry because I cannot memorize things.

– I learn best when I write something down.

– I make lists. Lists and more lists. Often the same list repeatedly.

– Difficult decisions take a long time for me. Once I decide, I have no regrets.

– When unhappy I write; otherwise, I paint.

– I prefer to read anything but fiction.

– I believe dogs should be respected and feared.

– I feel my longevity when faced with new vocabulary – meme, bucket list,zip-line, etc.

– “Old” is new to me: thrift shops rather than fancy shmancy stores.

–  I think questions deserve an answer. I try not to ask.


My nominations for the Kreativ Blogger Award are:



Kat Kai Artist


Writer Writing

Que Sera Sara

I have notified them by placing a comment on their blogs. Each is unique and wonderful!

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"Inspiring Blog Award"

Every morning there is a surprise. It may be just the sun shining (or rain).  Or it can be a surprise in the e-mails.  Yesterday it was receiving this beautiful award from Monya Neba.  How can you say thanks more graciously than just that, “Thanks for reading my blog and thank you for feeling that it inspires.”

There are obligations with that. Future planning for posts will be scrutinized for content. Still I have enjoyed the entire process of writing my thoughts and sharing those posts online. Following others adds to my knowledge.

There are so many creative people writing and sharing. And so in thanking Monya Neba, I also thank those of you who have inspired and encouraged me to be a better communicator.

The Rules are:

1. To thank the blogger who gave you the award.

2. Tell 7 things about you that have not come up in your blog.

I frustrate my doctors when I tell them I will not take their advice about medications. It seems I feel better, the less I take.

I waste more time than I should. Friends say I am thinking of things to do. That is why they are my friends.

I know that doctors, like all of us, cannot know everything.  I was not supposed to be able to have children. However, tomorrow four wonderful children will wish me well.

I did not realize that churches did not welcome women on their staffs when I was the only single woman in the Howard University School of Religion.

When I read My Mother, My Self, it reassured me. I had invented the word  ‘mother.’ But it also surprised me that I had no role model for that important job.

I am the oldest living person in my family tree. Fortunately, the tree has deep roots. I do not plan on dying.

My regrets are many. I try not to write or paint when I am depressed. We were taught not to write something that you would be embarrassed to read later. We were also taught not the write our names on walls, but most of my paintings are signed!

3. Pass this on to 7 other blogs you find inspiring and explain why:

I recommend bloggers:

The Solipsistic Me – because I find a strong point of view expressed in a caring and temperate manner. His writing is a good read any time of day. And I consider him a new friend.

Bill Chance – writes about himself and his city, Dallas, making you wish you could ride a bike along side him. Seeing his views of people, events and secondhand finds through his eyes would be fun. It is not so much that I want to go to Dallas. I would like to see my surroundings in the same way.

What Next – A blogger who writes about spending a “A Year of Living Aimlessly.” She is doing this at the suggestion of her husband after retirement. We often live like this but do not realize it until later. If I calculate correctly, her year will be up in July. What will follow?

Chief Writing Wolf – Each day there are several choices from this blogger. A cartoon, a list of birthdays on that date, and an essay on an interesting subject. Following his blog is a good way to start your day.

Steel City Writers – is a group of writers who studied together. They have continued to encourage independent writing and published an eBook together. Craig Hill and Pete Denton are two of the members. This is an example of professional interests following through with a plan.

The Dainty Damsel – a poet from India whose About page says she is 18 years old. I find her words inspiring. We can encourage young people to feel their work is valuable.

Jottings With Jasmine – always a good read. Her recent blog “My Mom and Joan Crawford” is pretty special.

Receiving an award for blogging is both an honor and a challenge. It is like getting an A grade. There is no place but down. So I shall be watching what I write. I will try not to disappoint. Do look at Monya Neba also.

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Who knew?

Mathematics helps

If you add 2600 to 400 it equals 3000!

That is a large sum.  That large sum represents a generous number of YOU who have found both

Leartisteboots and narcissushibiscusmandrake.

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