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Nell Irvin Painter

Nell Irvin Painter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Women of Ideas

Shout out to bloggers I have learned from on WordPress and other sites.

Sue Healy is an accomplished writer who shares her successes and disapointments. Recently she wrote about ideas that come from news items. It made me think about the sources of inspiration that remain on my List(s) Of Things To Do. Those ideas get moved from list to list. Lists serve as reminders and guilty feelings.

Sue suggests ways to alter news information to make it your own. Visual artists can use photographs etc. as source material.  Always respect copyrights, real or implied. Make your own vision and style.

This post made me think that ideas are just a start. The writer who does not write produces thoughts. He or she (me) must do the work to bring thoughts to life. You may not wish to fail. But who will know your vision? I tell myself, “Don’t count yourself out.” Publishing, exhibiting or sales are not the only judgements of worth. It is the doing that should satisfy.

A woman blogger, booksbyjudith, is working many angles to produce and share her talent. She writes books in series. This trend is based on an idea that if you read one, you are likely to read others. Like television series: you make time for the characters if you like them.

What nuggets started me on various Women Series? The large women started using square canvases. The idea: What poses do women use in their work? Can you fill the canvas with the image.

The Women Who helped Desegregate Transportation came from Sojourner, by Nell Painter. In it she describes scenes of conflict Sojourner Truth had on trolleys in D.C. I was reminded of similar experiences.

The current series Women Who Dressed as Men may never be completed. Each month research suggests more interesting subjects. The idea began when online searches turned up Deborah Sampson as a subject to paint. In 10 years in MA, I had never heard of her!

Try not to get lost in idea-farming if you want to write, paint, photograph etc. Balance thought with completed works. When you have done your best, date, sign and share. Start a new project knowing that you are continuing to learn. In time your body of work will stand on its own, and may inspire others.

Who knew?

The greatest compliment may be, “My child can do better than that.”

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Photo of abstract painting and artist


Something is in the air. Not just the cold winter breezes. But my website




are down, down, down.

What next?

We exist inside the large and small boxes. Our identity is packaged and molded by 140 carats or the ping of email. Notifications now on my computer show (15) This is election day (delete/snooze).’  Since I voted early, I shall snooze.

Have you tried to look at my website art? If no one can find it, be assured that when it finds me, I will post it.

Who knew?

Internet Archives is a free website for books and music and other cool things. Their goal is to digitize all books and provide other digital services . The YouTube documentary shows a wonderful side of the business which is headquartered in San Francisco.  Be sure to see the chapel.

I like this site very much and have downloaded useful materials. From their newsletter:

Documenting the Internet Archive

A BBC film crew visited the Internet Archive earlier this year; here’s their story.


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I do believe in black cowboys!

I do believe in black cowboys! (Photo credit: gwen)

On the Trail of Ancestors: A Black Cowboy’s Ride Across America

by Lisa K. Winkler

I loved this book which I ordered from Amazon Kindle. The large type and illustrations made for an easy read. I like the fast availability and notetaking in this format.

From the very beginning, I was also ‘riding a horse’ on this amazing trip. The author does not overplay the excitement, nor does she avoid the challenges. It takes planning and work to follow one’s dream.

Without repeating other reviews on the details, this book satisfies on inspiration and history. Memories came to mind of our drive from Massachusetts to CA with two teenagers. The stares we got were directed at our license plate. We had friends to stay with and family at the end. I will never forget the crowd of hotel employees in San Francisco who said they rarely see MA plates. Driving back, it seemed a really long way.

I took an old book with WPA research of roads built before interstates. It had cost $0.10. Each point along these quaint state and county roads were described with points of interest. We would never have arrived at our destination if I had been allowed to direct us to every waterfall, statue and museum.

Like this cowboy, we strayed sufficiently to make the trip interesting and educational. My daughter kept a travel journal. It captured the spirit of the adventure.

Miles Dean’s descriptions of the historical sites and people he saw kept me wondering, Where is he going next? Will he mention Cathay Williams as a Buffalo Soldier? Yes. How much is still in his journal? How much did the author have to research? I did not want him to come to the end of the journey.

What can you learn in addition to the tale?
It is rich in information about horses and today’s cowboys. It weaves together the past and the present. It can be a resource for home and school. The author poses questions at the end for discussion and further study. She provides a bibliography and offers a study guide, if needed.

Who should read this book?
Fathers should read this aloud to their boys. Mothers and girls will love the story of how to follow your dreams. All will gain knowledge about the country and its unique history. Teachers and creative artists should find much material to build on. All will be enriched. I cannot wait for the movie!

Who knew?

My Birthday Gift to You

A lot of you are checking out my art website (below). Please leave a comment or sign up for emails when I add something you might like. Don’t forget the checkout code: BSSNNX


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These posts started my day

One of several versions of the painting "...

One of several versions of the painting “The Scream”. The National Gallery, Oslo, Norway. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

greekgirl777  adds a Scream a Day along with her thoughts. The Scream on a Bumpy Road gel pen drawing (inspired by the painting seen here)describes where we often find ourselves. The figure is separate from the road. Presented in a  forward position, you know the screamer is dealing with her/his situation.

The road leads to an upward, more hopeful place.  Greekgirl777 comments about experiencing these issues in an inspirational manner. Her closing “Enjoy the day ” is a nice way to start one’s day!

Roberto Alborghetti is featured in the Cover section of Flipboard! His work, reconstructing torn paper posters found in many countries, is original, historic and beautiful art. His marketing is a model for anyone developing and maintaining an audience. He obviously has a huge amount of time invested in his work. Yet he makes time to collaborate with those working in other disciplines. He also responds to those of us who follow him on WordPress

The Daily Racewood is reposting his comments on self-publishing his first book. This writer is a young man who sets goals and accomplishes them. Reading his posts inspires the reader to make the best use of the time given us each day.

Maze a Day is a blog I have followed since I first started. He has made lemonade out of lemons. His latest efforts are paying off in dramatic ways and I wish him continued success.

Pete Denton – Writer has a guest, Kasia James, who writes about her nine year gestation of her first novel now on Amazon. They say the success is in the doing, but having a published sci-fi novel isn’t small potatoes. Congratulations.

Who knew?

I do not read all of the posts I like each day because I would not get anything else done. But I am encouraged and made happier by those I do read. It is easy to wonder about the lives of the bloggers and to feel friendship at a distance.

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I just finished reading ‘Jazz’ by Cristian Mihai. He is a young man with an incredible output of published works. And I know why! This book was purchased for my Kindle  and was self-published.

I do not read much fiction, but found the writing compelling. A trip we made to Paris included some of the sights and food he mentioned. While I did not know the characters, they were interesting and true to his story.

Check out his works and his blogs. One recent post shows a photograph of his bed of books.

Thanks, Cristian

Who knew?

Finishing ‘The Paper Garden’ by Molly Peacock would be so wonderful. The life of  the unlikely artist, Mary Granville Pendarves Delany ( May 14, 1700 to April 15, 1788), was so intriguing. Her  claim to fame as an artist came from 985 ‘mosaicks’, flowers of cut paper and dried flower parts?  These works were started in her early 70’s until a few years before her death.

The book includes many of these in beautiful color. These works can be viewed at the British Museum in London. (check hours) .  The author uses  Delaney’s letters and notes to tell her life story related to each flower. Also the author tells of her own life and her ability to relate to a woman born so many years before her.

This book would be instructive to artists’ history buffs, and women.

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"Santa Fe Sculpture"

altered photos


altered photo

What do you do when it is just one of those days? (more…)

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Stacy Schiff, author of a new biography about ...

Image via Wikipedia

To Do Lists

There are days when nothing seems pressing enough to do. Each list repeats others with the same urgencies. Weekends and rainy days offer excuses for taking time out.

These times can occur when you are on emotional or physical overload. (more…)

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