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An example of work by Wade Guyton Untitled (20...

An example of work by Wade Guyton Untitled (2008) Epson UltraChrome Inkjet prints on linen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Carl Van Vechten Art Gallery

Noble Sissle photo taken by Carl Van Vechten, ...

Noble Sissle photo taken by Carl Van Vechten, photographer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wade Guyton was a featured artist in this Sunday’s New York Times Arts section. His evolving as an artist who designs on the MAC computers and prints his works out on the largest inkjet printer made by Epson.

It is always fascinating to learn about art as process and innovation through the growth of the individual. Guyton hails from a small place in TN. (Lake City) and yet has quickly become an artist to watch.

Who knew?

As late as the 1980s, art associations and museums grappled with “Is photography ART?”  It was impossible to exhibit paintings and photographs in the same association. There was passion on both sides. This was long before manipulation using the computer.  The blogs today post works that are light years past that period. Shoot and print is enhanced in the cameras leaving the clarity and beauty of black and white landscapes (Ansel Adams) and portraits (Carl Van Vechten) as antiques and collectables. The resurgence of typewriters by texters may bring back an appetite for film.

The history of art defines innovators who contributed to new schools of art. Guyton’s explorations are being viewed in this category.

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Carl Van  Vechten was a New York photographer who had many friends in the Harlem Renaissance. He became a friend of Fisk University through artists like Aaron Douglas and Georgia O’Keeffe. The former gymnasium, now an art museum, is named for him.

One can live in a place like New York and never know this unique history.

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