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This is a repost from Robert Brown on Facebook. Robert is a wonderful, brilliant young man. We met in my youngest daughter’s class (University School, Nashville). It is always difficult to be 14 and relocate thousands of miles.  There was a small group of students ready to include her at school and outside. They had grown up from kndergateeten in the same class. They are still friends and care about each other. And I am privileged to have their friendship across generations.

Life at best presents challenges. It is cruel when illness, and other set backs come early. But Robert has a wonderful smile, is a positive thinker, adores his children and has a good life, despite his challenges. .

Yes, the inner evidence of a health concern is hard to explain. So are  people who confront a person as if they are the police in charge. To be fair, it is also hard to explain those of us who take advantage of things meant to ease the lives of many. I know I did before I got my parking window card. We are in the Dark Ages of civility. Thank you, Robert, reminding us to be more courteous and understanding.

Seen on Facebook by Robert Brown

I have some health issues that can’t be seen on the outside. Ignorant people can be so cruel!! I’m posting this because recently I have been challenged with people that didn’t understand…I have one of these illnesses as do some of my friends…

. Not one of my Facebook friends will copy and paste (but I am counting on a true family member or friend to do it). If you would be there for me no matter what then copy and paste this. I’m doing this to prove a friend wrong, that someone is always listening. I care. It is hard to explain to someone who has no clue. It’s a daily struggle being in pain or feeling sick on the inside while you look fine on the outside. Please put this as your status for at least 1 hour if you or someone you know has an invisible illness (IBS, Crohn’s, PTSD, Anxiety, Arthritis, Cancer, Heart Disease, Bipolar, Depression, Diabetes, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, MS, AS, ME, Epilepsy, hereditary angioedema , AUTISM, Borderline personality disorder, M.D., D.D.D., CFS, Histiocytosis, O.D.D, A.D.H.D, RSD, PBC, RLS, chronic pain. ..etc.) Never judge. I copied and pasted for all my friends who have one or more of these problems There you go. Copy and pastel


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