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There are so many opportunities online for recycling creativity. From the beginning of using apps, I have found Flipboard amazing!  Recently there was a mention of a contest in fashion design and it looked like a good idea.

The website http://www.constrvct.com is setup to post artwork onto line drawings of different dress patterns. Also the drawings include t-shirts and fitted pants. This company will make these dresses from the original  designs. How nice to have an original art piece on an outfit!

There is no cost for posting and it would be nice to win the contest. I think you will find a way to ‘like’ if you are so inspired.

I have tweeted the designs I made using encaustic wax art paintings. My encaustic sampler collection is on their website  (Le Artiste Boots).

Who knew?

There are so many avenues to let your light shine. Writing or doing any creative effort can be a solitary effort unless you put yourself out into the world.  Sharing is not as scary as one might think.

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These posts started my day

One of several versions of the painting "...

One of several versions of the painting “The Scream”. The National Gallery, Oslo, Norway. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

greekgirl777  adds a Scream a Day along with her thoughts. The Scream on a Bumpy Road gel pen drawing (inspired by the painting seen here)describes where we often find ourselves. The figure is separate from the road. Presented in a  forward position, you know the screamer is dealing with her/his situation.

The road leads to an upward, more hopeful place.  Greekgirl777 comments about experiencing these issues in an inspirational manner. Her closing “Enjoy the day ” is a nice way to start one’s day!

Roberto Alborghetti is featured in the Cover section of Flipboard! His work, reconstructing torn paper posters found in many countries, is original, historic and beautiful art. His marketing is a model for anyone developing and maintaining an audience. He obviously has a huge amount of time invested in his work. Yet he makes time to collaborate with those working in other disciplines. He also responds to those of us who follow him on WordPress

The Daily Racewood is reposting his comments on self-publishing his first book. This writer is a young man who sets goals and accomplishes them. Reading his posts inspires the reader to make the best use of the time given us each day.

Maze a Day is a blog I have followed since I first started. He has made lemonade out of lemons. His latest efforts are paying off in dramatic ways and I wish him continued success.

Pete Denton – Writer has a guest, Kasia James, who writes about her nine year gestation of her first novel now on Amazon. They say the success is in the doing, but having a published sci-fi novel isn’t small potatoes. Congratulations.

Who knew?

I do not read all of the posts I like each day because I would not get anything else done. But I am encouraged and made happier by those I do read. It is easy to wonder about the lives of the bloggers and to feel friendship at a distance.

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