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Mayors Help Our Cities

It is true! Mayors are pushing to provide sanitation and healthier conditions in their cities. From New York City to Oakland.  From Seattle to (fill in the blank) people are being moved out of  ‘their neighborhoods’ while the Clean Up Crews come in and scrub down to the ground. Any moveable object goes into the dumpster except the books.

There will be no burning of the books. Instead they will be rescued, catalogued, and returned to their rightful owners. Will they have to produce a government issued photo I.D. and be fingerprinted when they ask for their property back? What will happen to unapproved literature?

But the most encouraging issue is that when certain conditions happen, the Mayors will issue orders to the police and the city employees to remove citizens (and others?) to protect them from overcrowding, unsanitary conditions, the possibility of getting the flu (and other diseases.) The area will be returned when pristine conditions are achieved.

There will be new rules for all who reenter. A curfew so that no overnight stays can re- infect. Noise must be abated even if it is considered music.  The number of people will be closely monitored so that overcrowding does not contribute to  poor health conditions.  A dress code will be enforced.

The police, fire department and even Home Land Security will be present to assure the safety of the area.

Right on, Mayors. Will you take this on the road? Please look at your decaying neighborhoods where people are huddling without proper city services. Please renovate vacant housing which blights areas and leaves citizens subject to more crime and homelessness. Please save your citizens from getting the flu by sleeping too close to a sick person. Spread the free health care being offered to the people downtown. Save the women and children from rape and save the men from reading when they should be working.

Who knew?

You have the vote.


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The New York Times printed this article and a picture of Tomas Transtromer, Nobel Prize winner for Literature (10/7/2011). This honor was a big deal but he seemed humble.


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Have you seen a poem or a drawing that looked suspiciously like yours? Or what you intended to do? Bummer.

Did you ever dial the wrong number and get a old friend recognizing your voice? It happens.

Scientific break throughs happen in different parts of the world simultaneously.

It can be frustrating. Do not let a dynamite idea go to waste. Build on it. Test it. Vary its dimensions. Make it your own. Get excited over it. Sign it. Date it. Share it. Sell it. This will be the best you can do at this time. Build a history of where you have been and where you want to go.

Until you can part with it, forget trying to sell it. Would Aunt Jane like it for a gift? Originality always pays off. Exchange services with people you trade with. You know something no one else knows. You know what it takes to be a creative person!

If someone criticizes your grammar or the crooked vase, you can accept what is said. You may feel badly. You might make corrections. You can discover why you always draw a lopsided vase. We know that eye conditions effect what you do. Decide what you like and stick to your plan.

Analyze what the criticism is. Rank whether it is important. Will it be distracting to make changes? The source of the comments could come from someone very important to your work. A teacher or an editor has a greater role than a friend. Adapt when necessary and learn from it.

The free speech we cherish includes the freedom to criticize. Balance that with your expertise and do not take it as a personal attack. This a conversation you can participate in or not. Take control of your journey.

Share your unpublished poetry. Blog a different poem each day. A completed book will be published in 60 days or less. Taking the first step may be the most important part of the journey.

First step: Narcissus, Hibiscus and Mandrake (unpublished)

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