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Meaning of Fall

It has always been refreshing for the heat of summer to change gradually to cooler days and nights. I love the colors of leaves changing to lemon yellow, brilliant orange, the many shades of red sheltered by the darker greens. Even before I had the tools to paint, I would roll around in the crisp piles of fallen leaves.

I never questioned why they changed and fell, leaving the bones of the branches bare, ready for winter. It is not information I wanted. It is the emotion of color, the start of school, my birthday that please me. It is Indian Summer.

Fall also meant to me a chance to start something new. To have new shoes, (sturdy enough to last a year), to get new notebooks to fill with notes and doodles, and to dream of books and everything new. I find an exhilaration even now, breathing air just crisp enough, pure enough.

This fall, the word BREATHE has been recommended for journals and art projects. It makes sense to me. The words Renew, redo, reboot, redesign etc. can be found in titles and texts. It is what was old and dispensble, now is the new, new. Who still has the government pamphlets from before World War II? They taught how to organic garden, how to make clothes from feedsacks, and 1,000 ways to use the peanut. Dr. George Washington Carver wrote many of these pamphlets but his name does not appear on them.

And so as the cooler nights are turning a few leaves, I begin to feel the urge to start something new. Friends have opened a booth in Music Valley Antiques and Marketplace (Nashville). They have invited me a place to show my handiwork. It feels like breathing clean, crisp air. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? Wish us well

Fall Colors

Fall Colors


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