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Abstract digital art

Green Hat with Embellishments

Hat Lady Series

The first and third images are related by color and yet they are very different. The middle image resulted from digital art.The Hat Lady drawing is embellished with crystals and feathers. Each is individually drawn. The style of hat is imagined by the face and shape of the woman’s head. Each ‘hat’ is designed much as a hat might be selected in a shop.

They say a person almost never wears a hat placed by someone else without making an adjustment. It might be shifted over one eye, ever slightly. Or pushed to feel more secure. The hat might even be removed and replaced. While there are fewer occasions for wearing a hat, it is still very personal.

Years ago, when I was more actively setting up tables to sell my paintings, I was intrigued by the Church Women’s Convention held in Nashville. All day couples, (a man and a woman), crossed the street to enter a department store. Soon after they would return, the man carrying a number of large hat boxes.

I learned that the ‘store’ inside the convention center brought together the most famous hat designers to sell their wares. It was not easy but I got an invitation to visit these designers and to see what they were currently making. They shared some of the history of this denomination headquartered in Memphis, TN.

Soon I went to Memphis and met Ernest Withers, a famous Civil Rights photographer. He had been the organizations official photographer for 20 years. He had so many photographs showing the styles and changes in an industry little studied. My grandiose idea was that I would use his photographs to paint women in these hats and to comment on the history of the hats and why they are worn by church women. A damper resulted from the cost! I bought what I thought I could afford and got his permission to use them.

One of the paintings is ‘From My Lips to God’s Ear.’ I never finished a complete series nor wrote the history I had planned. And then a friend gave me Crowns: Portraits of Black Women in Church Hats by Michael Cunningham. If you wait long enough someone will have the same idea and act on it.

Even though I have been working on a series of historic women, it is easy to get diverted. The pen and ink hat ladies (5×7) are available as cards and prints:                     (http://bettye-harwell.artistwebsites.com).

Adding the embellishments has been a fun way to regroup and take care of ‘important’ work. Many suggestions have come from friends to expand from hats to… One was ballerinas. The first (above) is a cut-out from recycled paper. (I use left over paint by covering my palette with paper. My intention is always to return before it dries. At a minimum, it keeps anyone from accidentally getting the paint on their clothes. These colored papers can be used in collage and other art projects.)

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The  decision to go public

Wordsmiths and artists of all disciplines reach a point where they want to share their work beyond family and friends. For each, the reasons are personal and varied. Finding the right venue to meet your goals is one step. But not the first.

Any route you take requires a body of work. Roger Curtis, famous for his seascapes, told his students not to enter classwork in exhibitions. He would embarrass anyone caught doing  it. He would ask a student before demonstrating on her painting. Thus it was not completely your work.

Presentation is the key.

Do you have your painting properly framed for exhIbition. Works on paper require mats and glass. Now wider stretcher bars allow Work on canvas to be unframed. Still the edges must be painted. Is the subject matter suitable for a general audience?

Online  galleries

You may have a full gallery on a website or just a few paintings.  Use the best images to showcase your work. If you are not a good photographer, ask someone to do it. Today digital images are most desired.

Review your submissions with a critical eye.  Others will judge you and compare your art to others.  Now that you are sharing your art and writing with the world, are you satisfied with  the presentation?

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I just finished reading ‘Jazz’ by Cristian Mihai. He is a young man with an incredible output of published works. And I know why! This book was purchased for my Kindle  and was self-published.

I do not read much fiction, but found the writing compelling. A trip we made to Paris included some of the sights and food he mentioned. While I did not know the characters, they were interesting and true to his story.

Check out his works and his blogs. One recent post shows a photograph of his bed of books.

Thanks, Cristian

Who knew?

Finishing ‘The Paper Garden’ by Molly Peacock would be so wonderful. The life of  the unlikely artist, Mary Granville Pendarves Delany ( May 14, 1700 to April 15, 1788), was so intriguing. Her  claim to fame as an artist came from 985 ‘mosaicks’, flowers of cut paper and dried flower parts?  These works were started in her early 70’s until a few years before her death.

The book includes many of these in beautiful color. These works can be viewed at the British Museum in London. (check hours) .  The author uses  Delaney’s letters and notes to tell her life story related to each flower. Also the author tells of her own life and her ability to relate to a woman born so many years before her.

This book would be instructive to artists’ history buffs, and women.

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For girls, big and little.
Gabby Douglas: Her Childhood Path to the Olympics
http://www.theatlanticwire.com/global/2012/08/gabby-douglas-her-childhood-path-olympics/55384/Sent via Flipboard

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Photo of abstract painting and artist

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"Kreative Bkogger"

Le Artiste Boots

On Memorial Day my email included a nomination for the Kreativ Blogger Award from my blogger friend, Pete Denton. We started with WordPress about the same time last year. His success has been monumental. Therefore, it is with humility that I accept this honor.

The RULES for this award are as follows:

1. Thank the person nominating your for the award: Check

2. List ten things about yourself.

3. Nominate SIX blogs you think deserve the Kreativ Blogger Award.


About myself, What can I tell you?

– I nearly failed geometry because I cannot memorize things.

– I learn best when I write something down.

– I make lists. Lists and more lists. Often the same list repeatedly.

– Difficult decisions take a long time for me. Once I decide, I have no regrets.

– When unhappy I write; otherwise, I paint.

– I prefer to read anything but fiction.

– I believe dogs should be respected and feared.

– I feel my longevity when faced with new vocabulary – meme, bucket list,zip-line, etc.

– “Old” is new to me: thrift shops rather than fancy shmancy stores.

–  I think questions deserve an answer. I try not to ask.


My nominations for the Kreativ Blogger Award are:



Kat Kai Artist


Writer Writing

Que Sera Sara

I have notified them by placing a comment on their blogs. Each is unique and wonderful!

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Who knew?

Mathematics helps

If you add 2600 to 400 it equals 3000!

That is a large sum.  That large sum represents a generous number of YOU who have found both

Leartisteboots and narcissushibiscusmandrake.

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