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Justice Scalia

I explained to my grandson that I have been organizing my thoughts to  answer Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. He burst into laughter. Then said, I have never heard you going after the Supreme Court.  I am still writing that post but want it to be understandable to the reader, Mr. Scalia. 

The holidays
Beginning with the rituals and celebrations of each religion, the holidays cover many weeks at the end of the year. Busy times for all. Merchandising includes Hallowe’en and I add Kwanzaa, a full quarter of emotional excitement. Part of me fights the high energy and wallows in depression. It changes my flexible routine. Years ago, it meant clearing the dining room table and putting sewing and paints away, only to unwind it all. 

Now the table can stay the same, no children and new spouses to feed. I stay near the phone and iPad to get the calls and messages from coast to coast. It’s the day after Christmas with little to do but write thank-you’s, checks for the postman, and bills. Not even snow to shovel in 70 degree weather.

I like the calm. I have new toys. Organizers for my studio. Parties to plan. Work to do in the next year. I start the new plans with the 2015 list. Ever hopeful that this time next year, it will all be done. That includes preparing for the holidays earlier.

Note to iPad gremlin

It is OK if I mispell a word, because I plan to edit. There is no need for you to substitute a word that makes no sense in the context of what I am writing. You need a sense of humor and to understand irony.  High early is not comparable in meaning to high energy. Also, it is not necessary to Capitaize a word where there is no period. As in the previous sentence.

Your helpfulness is too much. Soon you will be gone, fini, splat. Your red line under fini lets me know that you need re-education. And I am too busy writing to add that to next year’s list.

P.S. Everything is not what it seems. Under the cover is a candle. Light it to brighten your day.

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Friday the 13th

What are the favorite fears expected to happen?  Most superstitions are not date specific. Fridays are considered the worst day of the week; Fridays the 13th are especially difficult.  The number 13 alone generates anxiety for many. There will (more…)

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Genealogy forums

These are free opportunities to share answers to research roadblocks. Rootsweb has spawned many of these. Sign up to participate by interest. Most states and localities, such as Detroit, are very active. Today there was an  email from Ron Stone. He provided an answer to a previous request. It is cited here for the personal sharing! But also because he deals with (more…)

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"by B. W. Harwell"

"by B. W. Harwell"

Time flies

What happened to the time since Thanksgiving?

What happened this whole year?

What will be special about 2012?

Now that it is December 2,  take some time to gather all the 2011 lists and wishes together. Clean out the pockets and purses and fill a basket with those ideas. A more quiet week will come later between the  25th and the 2nd of January when an hour or two will be all it takes.   Review these pieces of paper,  journal entries or where ever you write to-do lists.

Some things move from list to list. Not that they were the most difficult or the least needed. Time just did not get them done. Add a few new must-do’s.  Call your friends more often. Take better care of yourself. Schedule that examination with your doctor or dentist. Get advice on your financial future. Let someone, your child or a trusted friend, in on where you will need help. Be a better friend.

The big categories need a sub-category or two. More than that and nothing will get done. Specific tasks are better than generalities. Keep a marker close by to cross off most of the 2012 wishes.


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Your calendar has different markers when you refer to yesterday, last year, the tornado was, when the baby comes. Some are past events that are personal to you and some are in the future. The things most important to you in a personal way, determine how you plan.

List-makers who date what they plan to do each day are fine until the list gets crowded with unfinished goals. Journals are filled with intentions. Regrets that last month everything and everyone changed your plans? Joys when there is something good is unexpected.

What if your day goes from 6 a.m. to 12 midnight? If your calendar book starts on Monday and ends on Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.? The iPad Calendar days start at 1 a.m. and ends at 11 p.m. Exhausting just to consider.

Your week may start by remembering to put the trash out on Tuesday for Wednesday pick-up. Your month may date from some event, like a wedding that requires planning for travel. By the end of the year, many people experience great sadness looking back. Even New Year’s resolutions fail to lift the gloom and add pressure to perform.

What differences your timetable and calendar happen to have were probably studied! Morning person wants breakfast at 5:50 a.m. married to ‘lazy’ night person who wakes up at 10 a.m. Time to consider the validity of a personal calendar.

Who knew?
We have so many electronics no longer in use. When you look at the pile of cords it is impossible to tell what they were for. New cell phones are replaced with the latest jazzy looking smart phone. (Smarter than who?) Companies, like Staples office supplies, charge to take these off your hands. Now Hewlett Packard will send you a label for shipping and will recycle any used electronics for free. The shipping label is for you to ship at no cost. See their recycle plan at


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