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Don’t call me Blimp
Puleeze, don’t call me Blimp. You have no idea how hurt I have been being disrespected. Yes, I am large but that is no excuse to call me names.
Inside, I have so much to be proud of. If you do not know me, you have no right to pass judgement.
Inside this huge body, I have the latest and greatest innovations of observation. Did you know that I am programmed to find out stuff. So do not call me Blimp.
I can fly. If you come around and taunt me, it must be that you do not believe it. I can fly around and look for important things which I report on. I have an important role to play in security of the homeland. I can record stuff. If you have done nothing for homeland security, get off my back. 
I have heard men talking about why can’t I do more. They check all these systems as if I have returned from a mission. They call me blimp and criticize. I am too large. I am too thin skinned. They wish I had more color.
In the meanwhile, they have me tied up. I thought this was the Land of the Free. They call this mile-long chain a tether. But it is a restraint. Should I be able to move in and around in a mile wide pivot, but oh, no! There is so much in the way: trucks, dumpsters, tin buildings, even piles of building materials. I guess they intend to give me a family. A family they want to call Blimp A, Blimp B etc. Why such a limited vocabulary? I would like a name. Like the spaceship I am. Or like a telescope. Hubble sounds nice.

After taking so much verbal abuse, I longed to get airborne, to sail on the waves of the wind. To unleash my tether and leave the earth for my mission. I want to travel and see what is more than a mile circle. Which of course, I can barely see the ground in front of me. The ground under me is bare? Do I shut out the sun with my shadows?

Once I get loose, my gas will be useful. Ha ha to taunters calling me just a bag of hot air. I am filled with helium and ready to go. As I have plotted this journey, I know it sounds crazy. Those men who come inside poking around will not approve. But it will be better than sitting here. Bugs, small animals and kids think I am an ice rink or a pile of snow from New Jersey.

So here goes. An October Surprise. Fall Foliage Tour from the sky. I am cruising along. The trip of 2015. I am well-prepared for this. Sometimes flying low and aiming higher until I see what the Impressionist painters saw. Next time I will find a tornado wind and go to the moon. If I can. Maybe Mars.
Oops, those are Fighter jets following me. Now side by side. I wish I could wave to let them know it is a game.
They are going to change the air. I drop down more often. The ribbon of highway, the toy cars and trucks. Not sure about these wires. I may not clear them. Still got my tether. And I did not. Landing safe and did not cause any accident.


The news reported that fighter planes were scouting the Blimp and considering shooting it down.

Well, I guess I have done it. I did this all by myself. No terrorism involved. Landed safely without losing the secret instruments. But my repair bill will be a lot. They are shooting me. The helium is going out. Probably won’t hurt the environment that much. Still shooting. 
Much later

It was reported that 150 bullets were shot into the Blimp before using cranes to lift it out of a ravine. But then it was denied. 
The definition of “blimp”

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They say a home should be one’s castle. Most of us are a long way from the latter and are struggling to keep a physical ‘home.’ In a mobile society, the tap root for the genealogical tree is hard to define.

The term ‘home’ as defined in Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

Definition of HOME

a : one’s place of residence : domicileb : house
: the social unit formed by a family living together
a : a familiar or usual setting : congenial environment; also : the focus of one’s domestic attention <home is where the heart is>b : habitat
a : a place of origin <salmon returning to their home to spawn>; also : one’s own country <having troubles at home and abroad>b : headquarters 2 <home of the dance company>
: an establishment providing residence and care for people with special needs <homesfor the elderly> (more…)

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"Speak 2 cents"

Mayors Help Our Cities

It is true! Mayors are pushing to provide sanitation and healthier conditions in their cities. From New York City to Oakland.  From Seattle to (fill in the blank) people are being moved out of  ‘their neighborhoods’ while the Clean Up Crews come in and scrub down to the ground. Any moveable object goes into the dumpster except the books.

There will be no burning of the books. Instead they will be rescued, catalogued, and returned to their rightful owners. Will they have to produce a government issued photo I.D. and be fingerprinted when they ask for their property back? What will happen to unapproved literature?

But the most encouraging issue is that when certain conditions happen, the Mayors will issue orders to the police and the city employees to remove citizens (and others?) to protect them from overcrowding, unsanitary conditions, the possibility of getting the flu (and other diseases.) The area will be returned when pristine conditions are achieved.

There will be new rules for all who reenter. A curfew so that no overnight stays can re- infect. Noise must be abated even if it is considered music.  The number of people will be closely monitored so that overcrowding does not contribute to  poor health conditions.  A dress code will be enforced.

The police, fire department and even Home Land Security will be present to assure the safety of the area.

Right on, Mayors. Will you take this on the road? Please look at your decaying neighborhoods where people are huddling without proper city services. Please renovate vacant housing which blights areas and leaves citizens subject to more crime and homelessness. Please save your citizens from getting the flu by sleeping too close to a sick person. Spread the free health care being offered to the people downtown. Save the women and children from rape and save the men from reading when they should be working.

Who knew?

You have the vote.

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