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Reposted from 02/27/2012

Some things are worrying

Each President must make decisions that affect all citizens. He or she meets with people who have no political clout as well as foreign leaders. We are not ruled by royalty or a dictator.

Even the current President has learned that his words can create havoc when not measured.

Can candidates, regardless of party, talk with foreign officials if their language is vague? ┬áSometimes it is necessary to research a word or phrase to understand the candidate’s meaning. Other times, there could be no explanation.

Herman Cain drifted off when questioned about foreign countries. We are asked to understand why Michigan trees are perfect. (more…)


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A Slave in the White House (book)

Today started of with a reminder that everything has a connection and that nothing is new. A biography of James Madison is reviewed in The Daily Beast. An email took me to the blog on Belle Grove and other Virginia plantations. Madison was born at Belle Grove. It is being restored to be a bed and breakfast inn. This wordpress blog should be read from the beginning!



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