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Excerpt –  A Date with  James Earl Jones

It is Christmas at my daughter’s apartment. It is an occasion so I wear the red sassy dress from last year. It matches the latest hair color.

Arriving early, we have wine at the moving hotel bar.  There wont be much time to talk about her getting married. Seated in the darkened theater I realize that this is what my trip was all about. “We can see him sweat from these second row seats,” she says.

He looms bigger than life and I start to speak. Everyone in New York talks out loud so no one pays attention to me. “I want to remind YOU of the times we have met. We crossed a picket line to see you in ‘Robeson.’ I never cross picket lines but since it was YOU it seemed all right.”  Then that preview of the movie “Mouldering…” at Harvard. (I had on my new African dress, the green and blue peacocks. Were you there?) YOUR voice-over was sooo wonderful. My kids see everything you do.

“Didn’t remember him being so big, did you? Has he got a cold?” I had not noticed. I do not want to seem ignorant about the play. I just want YOU to bring it to me.

“James Earl, it is painful to see you. YOU could have been different. YOU should have stayed like I wanted you. YOU know, clean living, upright and a man. There you are, standing not ten feet from me talking about the other woman in your life. I’ve heard those words a thousand times and it hurts each time.”

I am crying a life-time of tears. “Come on, Mom,” she says, leading me out of the theater. “Let’s go home.”

And I say,”Great. I can put bleach in the sink before we go to bed.”

Who knew?
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