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Hot coffee in the dark
Slowly light
Then bright
First hint of chill
Sound of birds
A yawn
Wide awake
Ready for the day.

The Narcissus, Hibiscus and Mandrake (poetry) is coming along, one poem a day. Yesterday a new page was added. Photos were taken of Narcissus bulbs as the book came together. A completion goal was October. The bulbs were expected to bloom at that time. Later drawings added a visual ‘handwriting’ extending the words written on legal pads. The process was healing. More photos will be added as the ‘book’ grows.

Who knew?
Diversions often take on a life of their own. It is a good thing when a nugget fits in with information you can use for a project. Whether painting, coaching, writing etc., no knowledge is wasted. It may seem trivial today, but tomorrow just what you can use.

A search for a friend’s relative who lived back in the 1700s, turned up the online History of Ashburnham, MA. This little book describes the lives and surroundings of the people before the US was a country. Anyone looking for relations in that area will find the names and occupations of all in that area. There was only one woman listed. She was a doctor. For military history, governing and family relationships in that part of the country, this book can be searched (free) and on http://www.ancestry.com (subscription). Continue your research by looking for the histories of other towns.

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