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We Moved South Because…

Of blizzards like this. 

 Nashville, TN January 21, 2016

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Not So Perky

Miss Perky has given up on her finery after days of gloomy rain.

We will move her from the window nearer electric light. 

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It is like when you realize your electronics are trying to tell you something.
NO, an iPad 3 is not on the list. Repair or reset before pulling out the credit card.
Looking for a reason for dear WordPress causing my frustration, I discovered a crash history! It starts off with .plist crash, painterly crash and ends with PANIC crash. Something or someone has a headache. Get the aspirin.

Who knew?
Still, the computer is working last checked. It is Sunday. The sun is shining.

84 degrees predicted for this afternoon.
Gone fishing.

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Weather report
Sun streaming in my house
“It will be a good day”
Temperature in the 70s
Sounds good to me.

In the car
Dark cloud hovering
just ahead.

where are you?
What do you see?
It looks like rain
to me.

The BIG number
NASA reports only 26 pieces of space junk are expected to hit earth tomorrow afternoon. If it misses North America, as now reported, should we be concerned? The impact still will be a worry to people living in other places.

Who knew?
The latest printers will give the news on your computer. You can print out daily suduko puzzles and horoscopes. There are coloring and scrapbook pages to print. Young children may be able to push the button and entertain themselves while eating breakfast. It will be interesting to see what is next? Perhaps pancakes and syrup while the parents sleep-in. (more…)

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