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Where am I?

That was the question I woke up with this morning. Of course, it covers a range of possibilities. The first was opening my eyes at first light. The room looked familiar and strange at the same time. A few blinks and the reality focused: I was in the guest room of my daughter’s home. And why? She will receive an award for community service, and I will witness yet another of her achievements.

A flight of under three hours may seem the usual until you overhear a cellphone conversation. A couple settled down to phone their son. “Had a nice visit. First time ever flying, and gone well. Hoping return would go as well. Yes, they had figured out the wheelchair service. See you again soon.”

These travellers were senior citizens. And yet they had never flown on an airplane. I wondered how tech-savy they are. Does having a cellphone imply having a computer? An iPad? Blog or twitter account? We have our feet planted in the past and future by living in houses years old, modern stainless steel kitchen appliances, drive cars that talk back to us.

And yet there are still people who have not or will not fly. Children who may never ride a horse, milk a cow or ride a train. Our grandchildren ask what it was like in the olden days.

Friday Specials
My aunt was 82 in 1982. I remember asking how she had handled the changes from walking, horse and buggy to air and highspeed rail. How she had stayed optimistic after wars and little peace. I had bought her a tape recorder to tell her stories. For her youth, she said it was too painful to revisit. She lived in the present. She braved surgery to correct surgery that had blinded her. She taught herself to write again. She was introduced to color television’s beauty and read the New York Times again.

The tape recorder was never turned on.

Where does all that knowledge go if not passed on? Piecing toether from online clues, she was
..born in Meridian, MS to former slaves
..her father was in the USCT army at Vicksburg
..he was a railway mail carrier and may have died in a train wreck
..she lived a few years in a boarding school in VA where her mother worked as a domestic
..she lived with a brother and finished high school in Chicago
..she was among the few Black Yeomanettes working for the Navy in DC during WW I
which gave her veteran benefits for life
..she was a life-time member of the NAACP and women’s groups
..she put her age up and race aside to work for the State of NY for 35 years
..she had no children but helped educate her nieces, nephews and grands.
..she travelled widely and enjoyed many interests.

Who knew?
So where am I? also means, where am I in a long line of achievers? And where are we all?

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The differences between men and women

A man’s needs are simple
For friendship, he gets a dog;
For comfort, he seeks a man-cave.

A man-cave
His private lair
Complete with guys,
A 72″ Tee Vee where
Served by cold beer and wings
Served up by an anonymous,
Vanishing beauty.

The man-cave must be
Enclosed within a house:
Tight as the womb,
Rocking with music,
Waiting to seek
The mother’s milk.

A woman desires
A space for others
A kitchen equipped
To feed the hungry.
It must open to a room
For family and friends.
Let them see her effort
Let them praise her work.
While at their leisure.

The Romans lay on couches
Spitting grape seeds
She needs a bedroom
Until the babies come
And baths to clean
Her role is work:
From charity to church
A teacher, an example
Of respectability.
The laundry must be
Separate from his man-cave.

Enter at your peril!
Serve up the dishes!
More, more beer!
Here! here!

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For girls, big and little.
Gabby Douglas: Her Childhood Path to the Olympics
http://www.theatlanticwire.com/global/2012/08/gabby-douglas-her-childhood-path-olympics/55384/Sent via Flipboard

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Bicentennial Park HDRI

Bicentennial Park HDRI (Photo credit: HD_Vision)

English: "Wade in the Water." Postca...

English: “Wade in the Water.” Postcard of a river baptism in New Bern, North Carolina near the turn of the 20th century. 日本語: 黒人教会の浸礼 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has been a burning few weeks. The National-New York TV weathermen announced with a sad face, that on the day summer arrived, so did the first heat wave.

Huh? We have measured heat and waves very differently. And we stopped counting. Once the  brain refuses to count, it has been another hot one. And so what is there to do? Walk slowly. Watch children in the water fountains of Bicentennial park or what ever is on your TV news. Drink plenty of water.

Another channel is literally praying for rain. For our yards. Please do not get your prayers answered too generously. We had a fill of water in the flood. Fire in some states and flooding in others. If we can find the God-particle, why can’t we take water to the fires?

Update on Blog University -1

Yesterday’s post was a ‘featured post’ on Black Art in America (www.blackartinamerica.com). This website serves artists, collectors, and those interested in African-American culture. It was quite an honor to have my blog recognised so prominently. Check it out for news about events around the country.


It is heart-breaking to see the ravages of fire, and the loss of power. Someone once asked,”Why don’t you just go somewhere else?” Why, indeed. Where?

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"Estel's Flower"

B. W. Harwell

I found these great pens at Staples. They were on sale! The brand is Bic Mark It and they are fine point. I believe they are permanent but do bleed through some papers. I actually like the look on both sides. The names of the colors are yummy – Key Lime, Desert Rose, etc.

I added a bit of very fine lines using a Pilot Precise V5 Extra Fine point pen. I buy these by the box!

What’s not to love!

Who knew?

A Picture of an Staples, Inc. easy button

A Picture of an Staples, Inc. easy button (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These articles are recommended to let us try the suggested pens. Handwriting and drawing are so personal. I received a package of two pens as a gift:  Paper Mate Flair. (Handwritten ‘thank you’s are a thing of the past.)

These pens have been hard to find. They are Sanford Brand, felt tip, medium point, won’t bleed on paper.

Shopping can be fun and encouraging. Try these and others out in your journals, drawings, or old-fashioned letter writing.

What will be next? The itch in the palm of your hand to write a blog, a short story or even a novel!

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A car that has been burglarized. Bad for me, g...

A car that has been burglarized. Bad for me, good for Wikipedia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are you or your ‘things’ living in your car?

Today I am reminded that just driving and servicing your car is not enough.   We are told in the winter to prepare for emergencies. Put water, blankets and nourishment in you car. How many have a first aid kit? Did you check to see if you have a car jack? Need battery cables?

Not winter?
How about the storms we are having which are so devastating? On the news this morning, a man was found after a week’s accident in his car. All are not so lucky.

Who knew?

Safety also includes what is in your car. Take an inventory of things living in your car.  I have a few hats even though I never wear a hat. A pair of expensive, ugly shoes that are supposed to make healthy feet. A turquoise sweater in case it gets cold. And a camera. And a few dollars in the console and change in the driver’s door.

I would hate to be violated by a burglar. It happens. It happened to a friend. You think, “I can just run into the store. Who would steal my purse?” Even in the daylight, your car is vulnerable.

It is a wake up call. My new resolutions are:

Remember my car is not my domicile.

I will not carry more than I can afford to lose. I will not leave valuables in the car.

I will offer support when someone is vandalized.

I will look for good news when no one is personally in danger.

I will hope burglars will consider the other person before they do harm.

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Update on Ella Jenkins

One of the great bloggers on the blues wrote my previous post.

talkingbouttheblues had “Wading in the Water” as one song on an album recorded by Big Mama Thornton. When I clicked on the link, Ella Jenkins was listed.

So I am adding a link to Ella’s profile for more information (more…)

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