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acrylic on canvas

Charlotte (in progress)

Blog University 16 – Imagination

What do you do if your subject is unattainable? Imagine it.

I am painting a woman who died before I was born. Her story is the subject rather than realism. After reading a great deal about her life and work, I selected two opposing ideas to incorporate:

1. She wore her father’s clothes after his death.
2. “She dressed like a dandy.” This quote was by a contemporary person.

Why not paint her in the style of Thomas Gainsborough? Student artists learn by copying great paintings. The Blue Boy had remained famous during her lifetime.  While researching, I found Pink Boy. It was a better fit for my subject.

By making a sketch, I learned  an amazing structure is under the composition. You can trace a print to find the lines and shapes in the composition. A black/white print may also instruct. Consider making a value study.

My painting is developing slowly ‘in the style of‘ rather than a copy. Each layer corrects the drawing and colors. By glazing and adding texture, the finished work should emerge. I believe attire is like a costume and expresses something about the person. The painting shows something about the artist’s imagination, also.

Image: Charlotte (unfinished) acrylic on canvas


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Touch screens and vibrant colors allow everyone to be an artist.

My theory about computers:

Once color was introduced, business (more…)

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Alice in Wonderland sculpture by Jose de Creef...

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Follow the followers

One thing about the internet is that you can get carried away.  A simple click to see  who followed the blog, opens up an entirely new world. It is by stepping (Alice in Wonderland)  Through the Looking Glass finding more and more on the other side.

A morning check of email becomes afternoon siesta. The link below was referred by @Gallery_Pieces


Included on this website were many things of interest, but the Hornsleth Village Project is special.


Hornsleth Village Project Uganda London , Modern Minimal , Interior, Designer , Executive Furniture, Home Brands, Interior Design, E-commerce Sales, Interviews.

Who knew?

The Joy of Painting

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Did you know that Bob Ross, the popular artist/instructor on television, was color blind? A recent documentary (perhaps a repeat) on npr told about his life.  He was at the right place when supporters saw his commercial appeal.

The moral of his story is to work hard, learn your craft and be prepared for opportunities.

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"New Planet Discovered"

"Life on Planet?"

Today it was announced that NASA discovered a new planet. It is twice the size of earth and is thought to be able to sustain life. While that is very exciting, the planet is 600 years away. This should not be a problem

considering the rapid changes in space exploration.   A child born this Christmas might have an opportunity to skip from Mars to this new planet and back.

What would the headline be?

Daughter born Christmas Day, 2011 returns to earth;

reports life on planet.

Science fiction has prepared us to dream the possibilities. Thanks, Ray Bradbury!

Who knew?

New Zealand awards for science writing.

There is a lot to absorb in this post but worth reading.


The post where this appears is on the Open Parachute wordpress blog. Links to the two winning authors  are on that site.



Open Parachute

This weekend the Royal Society announced the winners of the New Zealand Manhire Prize for Creative Science Writing.

There are two categories, fiction and non-fiction, and this year entrants were asked to write about chemistry and our world. This is to commemorate the awarding of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry to Marie Curie in 1911 and to celebrate a hundred years of the contribution of chemistry to the well-being of humanity.

Radium – A Love Story

Both winning writers are chemists and have PhDs. Dr Bridget Stocker, who works at the Malaghan Institute of Medical Research in Wellington, wrote the winning fiction piece, Radium – A Love Story. (pdf link) It’s about Marie Curie and told from her point of view.

Stocker says:

“I felt compelled to write this story given that I’d taken part in the Marie Curie lecture series by the Royal Society of New…

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Albert Einstein

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Happy Birthday+ 1
Do  you make promises to yourself? If you made New Year’s resolutions for 2011, how is that working out?

Birthday milestones are in reaching 18 or 21, 30,40, 50. Then it gets serious: 60, 62,65. These are numbers guided by Social Security, retirement and long term life plans.

That 65 number sticks out because we now begin to think in 5 year increments. Each celebration of our birthday is wonderful but those fifth years seem more special. They also hold out the promise that life will continue and get better. Wisdom is implied. Our younger friends listen for answers to their questions:

– How did you live so long?
– What was it like back then?
– What is left that you want to do?

Good genes, good health and curiosity are wishes for each birthday. Albert Einstein is said to have thought that imagination is a very valuable trait.

The day after your birthday, and all the days to follow, can be filled with joys only you can imagine.

Two New Year's Resolutions postcards

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Who knew?
The posts on writersdocket.wordpress.com (reblogged) inform on self publishing. The blog is worth checking out.

Subscribing to leartisteboots.wordpress.com does not subscribe you to the poetry, narcissushibiscusmandrake.wordpress.com.

Soon additional poetry will be added to the Narcissus page, After Narcissus. Subscribe for updates.

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Looking up at the innocent night sky, I wonder where is the 600+ pound chunk of unwanted space junk? The Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) has served the purpose it was designed for. It flew first class on the shoulders of the space shuttle Discovery in 1991. No passport was needed. No government identification with a photo was requested. There was no charge for excess baggage. It travelled miles and sky-years that no person on earth has travelled.

In 2005, NASA declared it defunct. It could have stayed above circling around in the sea of junk left by space travel, following its own purposes, until it tired. Then it might have slipped under its own weight down into the atmosphere, to its end.

That bright and reflective, complicated piece of machinery had its own vision. It did as it was told but flying at a high speed, imagination took hold. No longer working long hours, spinning through galaxies nor sending information back to earth, the big idea came †o it. “I will just tumble along and see what interests me up here.”

NASA decided it was better for it to make the decisions about its own satellite. It would bring it down slowly and not listen to the desires of a defunct satellite. After all, it was programmed to have a definite life-cycle by NASA and it could be changed by NASA.

And so the UARS is tumbling at speeds over 500 miles per hour to connect with earth. The number of pieces and their weight on entry have been determined using all of the available technology and brains available. The largest of piece will weigh 330 lbs. “Chances are that no person will be hit. There will
be a warning.” The exact day and time cannot be determined until its path is seen. But it is coming.
And it will be exciting for the satellite is deciding where and how its journey will end.

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Who knew?
Trees could be grown, like tomatoes, upside down.
"Growing Trees Upside Down"

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